Chickens are permited within the City limits. Residents may have up to 12 hens, roosters are not allowed. Chickens are only allowed on single-family lots.

Living Space for Chickens: 

Must be in a coop, hutch or similiar structure (chickens CANNOT be ground tethered). These structures must be kept at least thirty feet (30') from the front property line, five feet (5') from the side and rear property lines and, at least fifteen feet (15') from the onsite residence and at least twenty-five feet (25') from any neighboring residences. The structure cannot be attached to a shared fence. All other "Zoning," of this code setbacks and restrictions also apply. Building permits may apply, check with City Hall before placing/creating a structure.

All structures and feed must be secured to prevent problems with mice and other pests.

For more information please call or email City Hall.