Mayor Mayor Robert "BJ" Berlin's journey in Roberts is one deeply intertwined with  the fabric of the community. Arriving in 1987, he quickly became ingrained in the town's life, meeting his wife Cheril and raising three children. Their commitment to Roberts has been unwavering, reflected not only in their personal lives but also in their entrepreneurial endeavors, including the ownership of several businesses, notably BJ's Bayou.

Mayor Berlin's path to local governance began with a keen interest in civic affairs. As a small business owner downtown, he closely observed the pulse of Roberts, attending City Council meetings and eventually serving as a Councilmember from 2010 to 2012. His decision to seek election as Mayor in 2012 was grounded in a desire to further contribute to the well-being of the community he had grown to love.

Transparency and equality have been cornerstones of Mayor Berlin's platform. His commitment to creating trust between city government and residents underscores his belief in open communication and accountability. Through initiatives aimed at fostering transparency, Mayor Berlin has enhanced public engagement and participation in local governance, strengthening the connection between the city administration and its constituents.

Moreover, Mayor Berlin's focus on pedestrian safety, especially for students, reflects his dedication to the welfare of Roberts' residents. By improving pedestrian paths and advocating for safe routes to schools, he has prioritized the well-being of the community's most vulnerable members, fostering a safer and more livable environment for all.

Beyond his duties as Mayor, Mayor Berlin's involvement in non-profit groups and state-level organizations showcases his broader commitment to public service. Serving as President of the Alliance of the Greater Roberts Area and as a board member for the Association of Idaho Cities and Local Highway Technical Assistance, he advocates for the interests of Roberts and municipalities across Idaho, contributing to the overall advancement and prosperity of the state.

Mayor Robert "BJ" Berlin's journey from newcomer to community leader epitomizes the power of individuals to shape the trajectory of small towns. His story underscores the importance of personal investment, entrepreneurial spirit, and a deep sense of community in fostering growth, inclusivity, and prosperity. Through his leadership and dedication, Mayor Berlin continues to leave an indelible mark on the town of Roberts, embodying the essence of public service and civic engagement.