Public Information Request

Requesting Records & Information

Record requests can be made in writing and submitted:

  • In person at Roberts City Hall during regular business hours and filling out a Records Request form
  • By fax a Records Request form to (208) 228-9492. 
  • By filling out and emailing a Records Request form to
  • Sending a Records Request form via email A request by letter may be made by sending a letter of request to: 

     City of Roberts
     Attn: City Clerk
     P.O. Box 242 
     Roberts, ID 83444 

The City of Roberts asks citizens to fill out a Public Records Request form when requesting a public record.

Pursuant to the Idaho Public Records Act (Idaho Code §74-102), the City of Roberts has three working days to fill this request. However, if more than three working days are needed to process this request, the requestor shall be notified, with the documents or response within ten days. 

Please note: Fees may be incurred pursuant to Idaho Code §74-102 (10)  if the following conditions apply:
• If the request is more than one hundred (100) pages of paper records
• If the actual labor associated with locating and copying documents for a request exceeds two (2) person hours.

Prepayment of estimated fees for any requests that may require more than 100 pages or exceed 2 person hours may apply. 

Please contact the City Clerk for current fees.