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Lawns and Spring Improvements


Spring is finally here in Roberts!

With it, we turn our attention to spring projects and lawn care. 

  • Before digging, it is required by the State of Idaho to call 811 to locate utilities buried in the ground.
  • Before you begin building a new deck, fence, sidewalk, driveway, addition or any other home improvement projects, check with city hall to see if you need a building permit.
  • New sprinkler systems require a backflow prevention device to prevent water from returning to the City's water supply. Before you cover up the lines, you must schedule an inspected with the City.
  • Fight pesky weeds now. Contact Jefferson County Weed Control to participate in their backpack program, backpacks start at $6.50. Click here for more info or call 208-745-9221.

Finally, the Even-Odd Watering Schedule.